Back story

Resto Bobo – bringing the taste of Strasbourg to Windsor.

The Resto Bobo concept was born during the founders four year stint as an expat in Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg, a cool, cosmopolitan city in the north-east corner of France, has been guarding a petite secret for the last couple of centuries –  they call it Flambée.

Flambée (imagine a French style of pizza) originated when villagers would gather together for their weekly bake, testing oven temperatures by first throwing Flambée into the oven. The crisp, light and delicious result was then shared, and washed down with some local brew. It wasn’t long before everyone wanted a slice and Flambée has now become the most popular dish in the region of Alsace.

Specialising in the dish, Resto Bobo delivers traditional Flambée, as well as fusing the diverse flavours of Melbourne, to create it’s own innovative and modern combinations.

Of course, it’s not all Flambée! Resto Bobo’s menu draws inspiration from all parts of France, serving French style tapas, salads and boards; all best when shared. Our drinks list features a number of French and local classics, as well some innovative Bobo signature drinks.

Resto Bobo: for a new take on French dining. Relaxed and casual, perfect for bringing friends together.