No French fries, but certainly a French twist !

Resto BoBo is Australia’s first restaurant specialising in French Tarte Flambée and a unique selection of matched French and Victorian wines.

Wednesday – Sunday  / 5:30 – late

110 Chapel Street, Windsor, VIC 3181 – map

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A fresh urban French experience in the heart of Windsor.
Relaxed, unpretentious communion set against a back drop of jazzy beats
This is a traditional French night. But different to what you might think.

Melted French cheese, paired delicious toppings on an ultra-thin, crisp dough base, called Tarte Flambée.
Always wine, partnered perfectly. And conversations full of laughter and stories.
But it’s not dinner at all.
It’s Resto BoBo.”


Less chopsticks, more fromage, please !

The Bobo menu is inspired by the cuisine of France and particularly Alsace.

The star of the show – Tarte Flambée. Eat with your hands. Because spooning leads to forking.

An ultra thin, crisp dough base, light layering of creamy sauce, and the carefully paired toppings of exquisite cheeses and French ingredients – this is Tarte Flambée

Share boards to take you on a whistle stop tour of the flavours of France.

Subliminal cheese boards featuring our favourite fromage.

Fresh and light, Frenchy seasonal salads

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Tarte Flambée + wine. It’s never not a good idea !

Sommelier selected and matched French and Victorian wines – So, blanc or rouge ?

Not feeling very winey?  Frenchified cocktails using exquisite ‘liquor francais’ or maybe an award winning Mont Blanc beer?  The thirst will be quenched, whether it likes it or not.


Our story

Tarte Flambée origins…

“The French do all the fine things in life, well.”

A tradition that started with french villagers gathering weekly to make bread, and testing oven temperatures by making Tarte Flambée.

It’s been bringing together the people of Alsace for centuries.

In recent years, the urban community of Strasbourg have taken the humble tarte flambee to new levels with fine french cheeses and innovative ingredients.  This unpretentious dish is all about community, leaning in together for your slice of Tarte Flambee.  It remains, as ever, the perfect platform for bringing friends old & new, together, to live the moment.

“It is not like here, where we sit, eat and leave.
It’s a social activity. Conversation is vital. We sit and talk and eat and drink.”